Jul 7, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/7/08

Yes. It's a wasp cake. Um, ewwwwwwww... (LINK)

The anniversary of the Phillips. Plus, he was from Portland, Oregon. Can't go wrong with that. :) (LINK)

Huh. At first I thought the washer was using the toilet water. The other way makes more sense though. :) (LINK)

What the hell? (LINK)

Get outta' my face! (LINK)

Insurance companies suck. Makes ya' wanna' come back as a zombie and eat someone's brains. (LINK)

Speaking of zombies... (LINK)

:) (LINK)

Wow. Let's see. 275 servings for $80? I may just start eating this stuff now! Might need ketchup though... (LINK)

That's the short list for today...busy, busy, busy~! :)

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