Jul 9, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 7/9/08

Google creates a 'Second Life' sort of, er, thingy... (LINK)

New law to change the way that 'war' can be waged? I sure hope so. Technically, it's already supposed to work the way that they're talkin' about, but hey...it's just the constitution. :) (LINK)

Yeah, that whole law thing, it only applies to some people, I guess. {rolls eyes} (LINK)

What the heck is this all about? I'm genuinely perplexed... (LINK)

Google privacy...now on their front page. :) (LINK)

I have to say that I have wondered what the deal is myself. (LINK)

Apparently the tentatively titled 'There Will Be Friends' movie, {wink}, will not be happening after all. :) (LINK)

Huh. Once again, it seems like that law thing only applies to certain people... (LINK)


Short list today. Work calls. :)

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