Aug 1, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/1/08

Cool housing...from reused spaces and stuff... (LINK)

Deciphering The Beatles...and I don't mean their personal lives... :) (LINK)

Just makes ya' boil with frustration, don't it? :) (LINK)

...and this guy is bat-shitTAKE mushroom insane. Holy cat barf! {shudder} (LINK)

AAAAA! Of course! This shouldn't even BE IN a COURT! There are three branches of government, independent of one another in the U.S. - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. They can't just IGNORE each other! SUBPOENA! AAAAA! (LINK)

{chortle}{snort}{snicker}... (LINK)

That's a fat cat. (LINK)

I watched 'The Karate Kid' with my kids last night. It's not too dated actually. May not be the best acting ever, (the parents of Elizabeth Shue's character are about as wooden as can be), but it's a feel good movie if nothin' else when it ends. Anyway, here's a little side entertainment based on it... :) (LINK)

Sheer Energy. Wow. No panty hose involved in this link. Really. (LINK)

Nicely done. Now where are my keys? (LINK)

Friday...oh, I love it when Friday is the last day of the work week for me. Not when it's the last day of the work week for everyone else and I have to work on Saturdays or somethin', cause' that's no fun at all.

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