Aug 11, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/11/08

Hey, xyz. (LINK)

Bernie Mac passed away... (LINK)

...and so did Isaac Hayes. This guy had one of the coolest voices...and he was in 'Escape From New York'! (LINK)

Idiot. (LINK)

Jeez, you think he could have taken a little time to cool off. (LINK)

Awesoments, eh? :) (LINK)

Fetishes. From Cracked and in comic form. Um, eww... (LINK)

'Star Trek' MMORPG is on the way, apparently... (LINK)

...and that's why all the candy bars taste like wax. (LINK)

Super-neat-o-riffic! :) (LINK)

Yeah. (LINK)

This one will treat the list of problems referenced but you'll grow a giant tentacle in the middle of your back... :) (LINK)

Now that gas station will always be warm and cozy... (LINK)

The new 007... ;) (LINK)

Comparison of the U.S. presidential candidates in terms of the effects of their tax plans. (LINK)

LOVE this comic. :) (LINK) goes the other way... (LINK)

Monday. It's the beginning of the end of the week.

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