Aug 12, 2008

Content From Elsewhere -8/12/08

A look at the posters for the new 'Star Trek' movie showing 'Scotty', 'Bones', etc... (LINK)

A possible breakthrough in the treatment of leukemia... (LINK)

The BSOD, (blue screen of death), at the olympics... :) (LINK)

Weird restaurants... (LINK)

Looks a bit like 'Jack Skellington' from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'... :) (LINK)

This is a fascinating article about the happiness of parents. I can definitely agree with some points being made there. In the end, I'm much happier being a parent but I can definitely I know some folks who would have been much better off having remained childless... :) (LINK)

Um, okay. So the kid who was actually singing didn't get to sing at the ceremony because she didn't look the part? Stupid. (LINK)

I'm invisible. I'm invisible. I'm invisible. I'm invisible. (LINK)

Yeah, you can get a 'PhD' but it's worth as much as the letters 'QzFt' written on a paper napkin. Just for future reference - education does NOT equal intelligence or capability. Additionally, a collection of letters after a name does NOT indicate that you are anything other than a complete moron. It's the actions taken and consistent, effective use of skills that prove your capabilities. (LINK)

Famous folks, um, Springfield-ed...? :) (LINK)

...and that's the list for Tuesday.

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