Aug 13, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/13/08

Apparently the new guy playing Capt. Kirk in the new 'Star Trek' movie didn't go 'Shatner-ville'... :) (LINK)

I definitely don't want to be that kind of father! :) (LINK)

...and that's why folks question the quality of their food at those places. (LINK)

The presidential candidates blogs boiled down to their word content... :) (LINK)

Faucets. Yep, faucets. :) (LINK)

Zombie playground. CLASSIC. (LINK)

You too can become 6 vague and difficult steps! (LINK)

I guess that blue ice isn't just for coolers. ;) (LINK)


It's a short list today. Bit of a work emergency. :) No spam salad today.

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