Aug 14, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/14/08

There are certainly WORSE actors to stalk, that's for sure! He's Lloyd Dobler! :) (LINK)

These birds are thieves, plain and simple. It's time we got together and did something about this! Birds! AAAAA~! ;) (LINK)

The missing and returning gnome story - explained. :) (LINK)

How to pass a lie detector. I find myself asking why I'd need to take one in the first place. (LINK)

"Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Use a Shotgun for Zombie Defense". ;) (LINK)

Huh. Not sure which side I'm on in this one. Kid has talent though, it seems. :) (LINK)

Movies that killed their studios... (LINK)

Star Wars meets cake. (LINK)

Even at those prices, I wouldn't want to move to Detroit. It's too far inland. :) (LINK)

Hmmm...I'm CERTAIN that no one, governmental or private, would EVER misuse something like this. Riiiiiiiight. (LINK)

Yeah. They gave us immunizations with those jet thing-a-ma-bobbers in the Navy. Not so painless. (LINK)

Link to a PDF from the Office Max website for 1 cent Sharpie Minis at Office Max. :) Who doesn't need MORE Sharpies!? (LINK)

Dang, it's Thursday already?!

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