Aug 15, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/15/08

'name to be presented to convention'...hmm. (LINK)

Julia Child was a spy. So? She was a cook too. Sheesh.'s kinda cool. :) (LINK)

Do you realize how AWESOME this is!?! YEAAAAAAAA! :) (LINK)

Um, can I get another cake with even more FAIL? Thanks. (LINK)

Now that's an old tree. (LINK)

NICE. I figured that he'd be the next villain. :) Of course, the poster isn't official...but still... (LINK)

Personally, I'd just move the car. :) (LINK)

Elevators for complete freakin' shut-in dingbats. (LINK)

Blowing things up with high speed photography. :) (LINK)

This could be super-de-duper cool if it works out... (LINK)

Hack your Wii to play dvds...or just use a dvd player. :) (LINK)

...and that's the list for Friday. :)

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