Aug 18, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/18/08

Okay, I admit it. I'm going to be the vice presidential candidate. For both of them. (LINK)

Oh, what a surprise. The bigfoot DNA didn't match anything but a human and an...opossum? (LINK)

Seems like a joke at first...but apparently it's quite effective. :) (LINK)

Face beautification? I think it's more face, er, weird-ification. (LINK)

Where you might truly ask yourself where does the land end and the sky begin... (LINK)

Jon Stewart and trust-iness. ;) (LINK)

Fear the rolling pin. (LINK)

Huh. 'Most Americans still don’t know, as Marshall writes, that on the campaign trail “McCain frequently forgets key elements of policies, gets countries’ names wrong, forgets things he’s said only hours or days before and is frequently just confused.”' Yikes. (LINK)

Blinking. Cats. (LINK)

Easy glider? Looks like an invitation for a face plant. :) (LINK)

Um...okay. That's a big limo. (LINK)

That's pretty freakin' cool. (LINK)

That's it for today, Monday. My nose is stuffed up.

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