Aug 22, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/22/08

This person may have been sitting in front of their plate a little too long. :) (LINK) a way I'd never have thought of. NICE. :) (LINK)

"Scientists are pushing ahead with powering up the machine, shrugging off speculative fears that it could destroy all life on Earth by sucking it into a black hole." You know, I really hope that ISN'T the outcome. Otherwise all this saving for retirement and college for the kids isn't going to pay back at all. (LINK)

Reverse graffiti. I like it! :) (LINK)

wow. (LINK)

Check out this article...the car seat? That's a costume I WOULDN'T have thought of. Watch where you sit! :) (LINK)

Gotta' say, that's pretty cool. Expensive but cool. :) (LINK)

Ninjas? Really? Can't fault the sentiment but the execution may not have been the most effective. :) (LINK)

Things the class of 2012 do/don't know/understand/remember/etc... {I meant to blog about this the other day...but...well, here it is...} (LINK)

Have a good weekend! :)

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