Aug 26, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/26/08

I thought Bill Richardson for sure. {shrug} (LINK)

Cher = Catwoman. Um, okay...? (LINK)

'Fewer, Bigger'? How bout' less (LINK)

Oops. (LINK)

She SHOULD have killed him. I'm fairly non-violent for the most part but you try to sexually assault any of my kids, you better bet I'm going to try and end your sorry asterisk. (LINK)

Yeah, that sounds about right. (LINK)

Yikes. (LINK)

Yeah, read THAT! :) (LINK)

I had a pet rabbit once. It was not that big, by any means. :) (LINK)

That's it for Tuesday. Sorry bout' Monday. No guarantees about Wednesday. :)

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