Aug 27, 2008

Content From Elsewhere -8/27/08

Duck died. :( (LINK)

Now THAT'S a tough cat. (LINK)

Someone returns to 'LOST'. Personally, I liked the Boone guy that they killed off. Bring THAT guy back! :) (LINK)

I've seen this before but I can't quite determine whether I think it's useful at all. (LINK)

Well, it IS a dragon. (LINK)

Dennis Kucinich with more enthusiasm than he showed in the early campaign...too bad he DIDN'T show it early in the campaign. (LINK)

Yes. It's a chair made of stuffed animals. :) (LINK)

That's it for today, (been on vacation, spending time with my kids so the blogging thing has slowed down a bit) spam salad today. :)

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