Aug 28, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/28/08

Sickos like this guy deserve to die. Sorry if you don't believe in that whole death penalty thing but someone who kills and/or sexually assaults kids needs to take a permanent flight out of life-ville and check straight into death. (LINK)

They left the ACTUAL name off of the list there. They'll be the Oklahoma City Dirt with poop brown as their color. (LINK)

LEGO monsters! :) (LINK)

We've officially stopped selling it but we're putting a TON of effort into preventing additional pirating...seems like there's something fundamental they're missing there. Like the fact that people don't like Vista and want to stay on XP? Hmmm. (LINK)

That's a weird lookin' shark. (LINK)

Pills in the works. The cancer one would be wonderful to see in my life time. (LINK)

Really? Who would have thought it? (LINK)

Give it back! (LINK)

...and that's the list for today. :)

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