Aug 6, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/6/08

That's a low rider...and a camper. (LINK)

It's a pop-up...gazebo?! Huh. It was actually on a bargain site I frequent but I found it amusing. Plus, you know if you NEED a, er, pop-up's on sale. (LINK)

Scotty WILL get into space eventually. :) (LINK)

Hmm... (LINK)

Um...eggs then? Ohhhhhhkay. (LINK)

Seems like there's something bad just waiting to happen there, doesn't it? (LINK)

This is from the U.K... {shrug} (LINK)

This just makes me want to pull my eyelids off. I'd sure love to just jump back in time... (LINK)

Yep. I experienced this sort of goodness with recruiters, (although I never signed anything), back in the day. Then, a couple years later, I joined the Navy. {shrug} :) (LINK)

Urban camping. Love the design, gotta' say. :) (LINK)

I feel that way on ANY day that the temperature gets over 72 degrees Fahrenheit. (LINK)

Interesting tidbits about...claaaassssic raaaawk. (LINK)

Wednesday. It's now, it's happening, it's today.

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