Aug 7, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/7/08

"15% off at Barnes and Noble. *Good thru August 18, 2008* Use online code V9P4D7A" If ya' like books and all that. {from Slickdeals} (LINK)

Local idiot...? Are they talking about ME!? Oh, wait, no. Thank goodness. ;) (LINK)

It's been around a while and you may have seen it before, (I have), but it's still sort of fun. :) Couple guys stage their own lightsaber duel... (LINK)

'Movies In Real Life' :) (LINK)


Yep...might wanna' take a few minutes and check out the stuff that comes along with access to the internet tubes when you subscribe. :) (LINK)

It's a jet truck. Ohhhhhkay. (LINK)

Ouch. That makes my brain hurty. (LINK)

Music made by a mostly random generator... (LINK) ...and my feeble, 30 second creation. (LINK)

Alaska and earthquakes. I gotta' say that when I was stationed in Adak when I was in the Navy, we got USED to earthquakes they were so regular. The most dramatic I went through while I was there was a 7.3 magnitude. Watched the street move in waves. Good times. (LINK)

To the New York Jets? Really? {shrug} Who cares? I'm a lot less impressed now that he's come out of retirement and moved to another team. The loyalty to one team thing is so rare anymore that his was what added the extra shine to his it's gone. (LINK)

Thursday. Aw, forget it, I don't have anything to say about it. ;)

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