Aug 8, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 8/8/08

Teleportation...from an altered perspective. :) (LINK)
{I've always been of the opinion that teleportation isn't practical because you'd have to destroy something in one place and assemble it out of entirely different matter in another. It's more like copying than teleportation in my mind... :) }

Neat! (LINK)

Road trains. Road trains? (LINK)

'I Am Rich' will make him rich, no longer. (LINK)

This is amazing. (LINK)

Yikes! (LINK)


Now you can have and hide your own breathalyzer! :) (LINK)

Holy crap! Er, hail-y crap, I mean! (LINK)

Normally, I'm not on the side of someone who breaks the law...but I gotta' say, I wouldn't have prosecuted this kid at all. (LINK)

The trailer for 'Watchmen'. I don't care what anyone says...I'm lookin' forward to this. :) (LINK)

Number 2, number 2, number 2... (LINK)


Have a good weekend... :)

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