Aug 8, 2008


I've written lists before. I've written lots of lists HERE, in fact. See this ---> LINK

Still, it's been a while since I've done much of anything here but the 'Content From Elsewhere' and 'Today's Spam Salad' posts.

I was inspired by a post on another blog, (I'd drop a link to their blog, but I don't have permission...and I don't typically link to blogs without their permission...unless I'm on some goofy quest like the 50 states thing I did a while back), to do a new list.

Since I moderate comments, I don't have a lot of em' out there but, hey, someone may actually find this interesting. :) I do. I'm biased though, cause' I'm me.

SO, without further adieu...

'10 Things You Didn't [or may not] Know About Me'
{...but I suppose you will after you read this...}

01. I have never colored my hair.

02. I can't stand to have my belly button touched or watch someone else touch theirs. I clean that part of myself as efficiently as possible and then I'm done with it!

03. I don't tell people my age. If you're not a family member or close friend, you don't know it. I think people make judgments based on their age in relation to yours and it bugs me. :)

04. I hate driving.

05. I've slept on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

06. I can't eat potato salad but I CAN eat all of the contents of potato salad separately.

07. I rarely own more than three pairs of shoes at a time.

08. If I eat less than two hours before I go to bed, I wake up vomiting. {Ewwww!}

09. I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, while at a significant altitude.

10. I get up for work between 2:30 and 3:30am.

There ya' go. :)


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