Aug 15, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 8/15/08

GOD NAMES NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE {from 'binky craven'}

"Click Here!

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Today's spam starts off with the statement that 'GOD NAMES NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE'. I find it of particular, amusing interest that this information comes to me by way of someone supposedly named 'binky craven'.

I think to myself, "Hey! I could use to know who the 'NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE' are!"

I open the message and there's a link attached to the 'Click Here!' text. I, of course, choose not to click it. I'm having second thoughts. Can I handle knowing who the 'NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE' are? Maybe it's just WAY too much responsibility for me.

Then, I see that the reason I've received this message is 'because [I] subscribed to MSN Featured Offers.' Oh, wait, they must have me confused with someone else. I didn't, in fact, subscribe 'to MSN Featured Offers.'

I guess someone else will just have to take a look and see the 'NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE'

Spammers are most certainly NOT the 'NEXT CHOSEN PEOPLE'.

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