Aug 18, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 8/18/08

Your luck {from 'Abe Wilder'}

"When you are young and stressed up…
When you are aged and never give up…
Cialis gives you confidence in any chance, every time.


Today's spam starts out with a subject very familiar to me. My luck.

It then moves on to what LOOKS like it's going to be some sort of poem.

I'm not very sophisticated. My idea of fine cuisine is something that doesn't require a LOT of ketchup. As a result, I don't know too much about poetry.

Still, as the poem goes on, it becomes apparent to me that there's something wrong...

Finally, once we reach the line that says, 'Cialis gives you confidence in any chance, every time', I realize that this spam message is a sign that there's hope for the spammers.

Perhaps, they'll give up their evil spamming ways and move onto poetry.

Still, they need to work on their content, I think.

Spammers want to be poetic but are usually just pathetic.

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