Aug 26, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 8/26/08

It's another image based salad for ya'...

Just in case you can't read from the poor resolution of the image, it basically tells me that I've got correspondence from Britney Spears. You could click it and see a bigger version...but why?

Then it wants to take me to 'Download the video now'. I am warned, by the big red banner, that the message may actually be coming from someone other than who they're claiming.

The from name of 'Billy Lykins' sort of gives that away though. That and the fact that Britney Spears wouldn't really have a reason to contact me. There's not much we'd have to talk about.

Other than the both of us being ape-shiznit crazy, I guess. :)

Spammers aren't Britney Spears.

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