Aug 4, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 8/4/08

Super-size dreams come true! {from 'francine.gervais'}

'Dont treat your condition carelessly http://{random spammer letters}.com'


Today's spam tells me that 'Super-size dreams come true!'

Oh, JOY!

I've been waiting for a super-giganti-normous soft-serve ice cream cone that I'd have to truck out of the store and get permits for! Oh, happy day!~

'Don't treat your condition carelessly', they tell me.

No. Never. I shall hold this giant cone o' dairy goodness in the highest regard, now and for all time.

I promise to use the cone for good and not evil.

I shall treasure it always.

Til' it melts.

Spammers are lactose intolerant.

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