Aug 6, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 8/6/08

Greetings from...? {from 'jjpierre'}

'Somebody wants to send you a greeting from SuperLettercard{spam}.

To view your card, follow the link below.

http://SuperLettercard{spam}/?{spamalicious numbers}

(c) 2005-2008 SuperLettercard{spam}.


Today's spam starts with the question of 'Greetings from...?'

Huh? Who could it be?


Dick Cheney?


Delbert McGlumphy?

Nancy Pelosi?

Captain McRanky?


No, I don't think any of those folks would be sending me a card.

We move on, in the spam, to 'Somebody' wanting to send me 'a greeting'. Well, I - and you should too - read that as 'Somebody wants to drop a virus or twelve onto your pc.'

They say 'To view your card, follow the link below.'

Which means 'Click this link to TOTALLY screw up your computer for now and all time.'

So...I didn't do that.

'SuperLettercard'? NO.

Supercrapcard. Accepted nowhere by me.

Spammers are supercrapcard-alicious.

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