Sep 13, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 9/13/08

It's a Chia-ring...? :) (LINK)

Now I'm gonna' have to build one of those! (LINK)

An arcade game for folks who happen to be short on space. :) (LINK)

Lunacy. I can't describe how much something like this frustrates me. There is a framework to work within...FOR A REASON. (LINK)

Lies, lies, lies, yeah! (LINK)

Gotta' tell you, if that day ever comes for me, (and there is that possibility with multiple daughters), I'm going to behave in a similar fashion. He'll consider himself lucky that I don't keep guns in the house! So THERE! :) (LINK)

Really? How often would you get an f-bomb in combination with Batgirl IN an actual comic?! NICE! HAHAHAHA! (LINK)

Interesting... (LINK) (LINK)

HAHAHA! (LINK) - {from THIS post.}

There ya' go. A Saturday edition of the content. :) No salad today though.

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