Sep 18, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 9/18/08

It's SO good to see you! (LINK)

Build your own CNC machine...huh. I'd only need that like once a year, but it would be cool. :) (LINK)

Gulp. (LINK)

Just so you know, 'popcorn' probably isn't a good choice for a password. (LINK)

The most accurate pie chart you'll see today. (LINK)

Charles Barkley...the guy cracks me up. (LINK)

Have you EVER seen an ad like this? I haven't. It's obviously well rehearsed but it's not a commercial like you usual see. (LINK)

'10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know'...I don't mind knowing either. :) (LINK)

Yikes! (LINK)

Somebody saw this financial mess coming - five years ago. He WAS running for president this year. (LINK)

Sums up my anger and frustration rather well, really. (LINK)

...and this sums up my day to day life, sadly. :) (LINK)

I'm going to sort of discontinue the spam salad for a while. It's not all that fun currently. :) If you're REALLY attached to it, (and I suspect most folks aren't), let me know and I'll bring it back. To celebrate it's demise, here's a link to a short film that illustrates just why spam is EEEEEEEEEVIL! (LINK)

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