Sep 23, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 9/23/08

I didn't watch the Emmys but I have to admit I'm sad I missed this. Cracks me up. (LINK)

Now that's an old school workout. :) (LINK)

...and then I realize I don't miss the fashion of that time. (LINK)

There's some specifics there. Guess that sort of takes care of the vague references that often come up. I guess it's not hard to tell that while I'm not fond of politicians in general, I favor Obama over McCain at this point. (LINK)

If you wanted to start watching some of the NBC tv shows before the premiere on broadcast television, you'll be able to do this for free, via Amazon... (LINK)

Someone lost their marbles with that table. (LINK)

This is my kind of poll. :) (LINK)

...and I get the point you're making. (LINK)


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