Sep 24, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 9/24/08

This seems like sort of a no-brainer... (LINK)

Odd baby products... (LINK)

I wonder if folks will even take the time to reconsider who they voted for, disregarding this fella'. {shrug} He's the guy I WANTED to vote for. (LINK)

Google's tenth birthday site... :) (LINK)

Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Probably don't want to have wasted ALL the money. (LINK)

Apparently, pie is better than cake at least once a year. (LINK)

{snicker} {chortle} (LINK)

Really? It needs a book? (LINK)

Oh, I have learned that lesson. Oh, have I. :) (LINK)

Enjoy the nes in your Wednesday.


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