Sep 8, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 9/8/08

Rejected sympathy cards. :) (LINK)

I know this is a bit of old news now but I SO dug this guy's voice. I'll miss it. (LINK)

I'm going to make that doorbell... (LINK)

Pics of flying machines as they break the sound barrier... (LINK)

Sad and happy all at once. (LINK)

Yikes. Lucky to be alive is right! ;) (LINK)

Letters from Alaska, pertaining to Sarah Palin...courtesy of Snopes. INTERESTING. :) (LINK)

I figured it wouldn't be long before someone got on the Sarah Palin/Michael Palin commonality thing... :) (LINK)

Alien lookin' places... (LINK)

The thread starts out asking how someone would dispose of a body if they killed someone. It seems like a sort of 'Hey, how can I work my way through this part of my story?' sort of question...then there's THIS response. Erm, creepy. (LINK)

Whacked with a sausage. It's weird but not in the way that you might think. (LINK)

42 years ago today... :) (LINK)

Thank you and have a good day. :)

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