Sep 1, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 9/1/08

Download any program from us {from 'Ethel Stephens'}

"Useful programs for low price
http://{spam.}.{Spam.}.{SPAM.}.{SPAM!}/ dopxtqaaaeokggunetoelvivppy
yb v fanolruhuyqsplqhvuuotuo kjhbb i gr uehnun viypsjq


'Download any program'? Really? Can I get a copy of the do everything for me with out any input on my part whatsoever program? Do you have the 'Star Wars' text game that I used to play on an Apple IIc back in the day?

'Useful programs for low price'? Um, sure. Useful for YOU, maybe, Spammer.

I'll decline clicking on your spam link.

I do like the way you finish your message with a nice mix of random letters. I've always wanted to receive a message from someone named 'Ethel' saying 'dopxtqaaaeokggunetoelvivppy'.

'Ethel', I just want you to know that I xrixlcvmghiaklerlksdrfnmkld.

Spammers are full of sdfjasdzxoierwerropwerixsl.

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