Sep 11, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 9/11/08

i want you, my hero {from 'Aimee Aaron'}

"i want you, my hero

i am Carina good looking girl who is looking to chat with you.
email me back at {this is a spam address}@{and it's fake}.com

i will reply back with some really nice pictures.

long-term interest rates; this would harm the economy, forcing thewith the Soviets. How would the new Reagan policies affect the American


Oh, I'm your hero!


So, you're a 'good looking girl'? What do you do most of your looking at?

Me, I tend to look at a lot of spam.

I guess if I respond to your e-mail, you'll send me pictures of stuff you look at...?

I hope - er - what? 'long-term interest rates'? 'new Reagan policies'? Did someone dig up our former president?

Whoa. You're too weird for me 'Carina'.

Spammers are graverobbers.

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