Sep 17, 2008

Today's Spam Salad - 9/17/08

Turn your handgun into a bazooka {from 'moranj'}

"Make her ride your rocket all the way to ecstasy


I was all set to permanently be done with the spam salad. I had considered it for a while.

Then, I checked the wacky e-mail this morning and there was this gem!

'Turn your handgun into a bazooka', it says! Wow, it's like modern day alchemy...but with weapons!


'Make her ride your rocket all the way to ecstasy'!?! Really? I can turn the bazooka into a rocket!?!


I can turn it into a jet pack or a big mound of walnuts too!

I'm so excited!

Which 'her' are you referring to, by the way, 'moranj'?

Cause' I'm not sure that most folks actually want to ride in a rocket.

A lot of G forces and all that...

Not to mention there's the whole airspace thing and the government not taking too kindly to random rockets flying around...

Yeah, come to think of it, they probably wouldn't be too fond of bazookas being fired off either...

I guess your gonna' have to find another interested party somewhere else.

Spammers like to practice alchemy.

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