Oct 1, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 10/1/08

At least the commute could be good exercise with one of these. (LINK)

Mr. Gorbachev build up this party! (LINK)

I'd probably set that off while goofing off for my kids... (LINK)

Visit pub, get new leg. (LINK)

Robin of the Batman and Robin...before he's Robin? Huh. The character has always been somewhat annoying WITH Batman. Not sure how interesting this would be. (LINK)

LOVE it when scammers go bye-bye. (LINK)

Search Google from 2001. It's like time travel...only not. (LINK)

-----'random statements' then: (LINK)

-----'random statements' now: (LINK)

"...guess I'm here for a while. " :) (LINK)

Have a good Wednesday.

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