Oct 22, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 10/22/08

Oooh! The periodic table...with pictures! (LINK)

Online courses from MIT...for free. Huh. (LINK)

Neat! Treatment for types of blindness... (LINK)

That reminds me of 'Pennywise' in the book 'IT'. (LINK)

Well, I've never seen pumpkins used like that, personally. (LINK)

Yep. Everything should be settled that way. A lot fewer shiners and fat lips. (LINK)

My dog made bubbles too. Except they came out the other end when we were in a river or he was gettin' a bath. (LINK)

Pun-ny restaurant names... (LINK)

LOVE this! Lego minifigure anatomy. :) (LINK)

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