Oct 31, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 10/31/08

Now THAT'S a baby stroller! (LINK)

Interesting. Sort of cool and creepy all at once. (LINK)

Huh. 'We're (not) #1!'. Well, okay then. (LINK)

I've got the fever for the flavor of a Pring--WHAT!?! (LINK)

Someone has a highly inflated sense of their worth. Time to spend a little quality time in prison for assault. That should adjust your personality accordingly. :) Still, the bouncer is obviously out for a payday too... (LINK)

Yikes. Guess that means mail will only during rain or shine. (LINK)

Well, there you go. Lego minifigures can't be killed. (LINK)

Not to put the guy down but I think I could beat that record. (LINK)

'How Hatred Transforms Your Brain'...interesting! (LINK)

I remember that this really startled me back in the day. Good choice for today, I think. (LINK)

Happy Birthday, 'Zard'!


Have a good weekend...

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