Nov 3, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 11/3/08

I think it's reasonable to consider the woman's actions PLENTY justified. (LINK)

Recession/risk of recession map... (LINK)

If you copy/paste at this link or simply open it, you'll find that no matter what you copy/'s not gonna' be what you expect... :) (LINK)

If only I could understand what it wants! (LINK)


'Angry Nostalgia' - :) (LINK)

I think I see what they're gettin' at... ;) (LINK)

NO! It's the punkin' man! (LINK)

Whoa. Can it hurt me? (LINK)

Okay, some of these are pretty risque or rude...but some are damn funny. :) Take the fifth one down for instance... (LINK)

I imagine that turned ouchy. (LINK)

Cool... (LINK)


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