Dec 24, 2008

Content From Elsewhere - 12/24/08

Steampunk'd NERF guns...nice! :) (LINK)

'Lego Star Wars Nativity' :) (LINK)

Fan made 'Thundercats' trailer. HAHA! This one's for you, Zard. (LINK)

Oooooops. (LINK)

Old school games you can play online... (LINK)

I. Love. This. (LINK)

I will be using this. Yep. (LINK) you use any of these? I know I do. I'm a dummy. (LINK)

'Data' from 'Goonies' art...I like it. :) (LINK)

This is what I have cause' I'm too cheap to buy 'Left 4 Dead' for the PC. :) (LINK)

{Late addition: "You are just as valuable as any other person on planet Earth." I tried to come up with some statement to explain why this resonated with me. Couldn't. Got a little teary with this one. Sue me. (LINK)}

Have a good Wednesday...and holiday if that happens to be somethin' you're anticipatin'/celebratin'.

{May or may not have a post tomorrow...not sure yet. :) }

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