Jan 21, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 1/21/09

Scrabble keyboard... (LINK)

At some point, you leave it alone. Geez. (LINK)

{silence} (LINK)

Coolsville.... (LINK)

Old coins... (LINK)

Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down... (LINK)

OOH! I want one! (LINK)

...uh...it was intended as humor then...now, it's sort of eerie... (LINK)

Wow. I just wanted action figures at that age. (LINK)

Satellite image of the folks at the presidential inauguration yesterday, (the main reason I didn't blog yesterday, actually...I spent the morning cleaning up and watching the whole thing play out with my kids...)... (LINK)

Shanghai made out of dice and poker chips... (LINK)

...and now some shopping carts. (LINK)

So, my apologies to the giant number of folks who might have missed the content over the last couple of days, {you could read that as, say...1/35th of a person? :) }. I was away from work and busy. I'm a bad person. PFFT! :)

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