Jan 27, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 1/27/09

Well, there are certainly worse ways he could have spent his time. (LINK)

Yeah. I looked that stupid when I did it too. {shrug} There's a law or somethin'. You have to do that. :) (LINK)

Digital paintings. Some of them are just incredible. I'm partial to sci-fi sort of content so...well, I like em'. (LINK)

I'm with you on most of em'. Not all of em' though. :) (LINK)

...click on 'THE SHIRT', then 'IMAGES'. Apparently it sold for $40,000. {shakes head} If it wasn't for charity, I'd say whoever bought it was a giant a%$hole. I'd love to have that box it's in though. It's nice...you know, for a box. :) (LINK)

Have a good Tuesday...


keyjanette said...

Dude! The last link you posted is the same as the link above it. You must really mean it about the sci-fi movie list. :) You musta been busy. MULAFAXINAC!!

Jared said...

That last link doesn't work.