Jan 28, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 1/28/09

YIKES. The first picture, not so bothersome. The rest make ya' wanna' buy a tranquilizer gun. (LINK)

Someone has too much time on their hands and likes 'Star Wars' too much... (LINK)

If you get past the seemingly unintended silliness of the title of the article, it's actually pretty interesting... (LINK)

That's one of the most interesting aquariums I've ever seen. I like it! (LINK)

Don't slow down for that one. (LINK)

Not sure how I'd feel about brushin' my teeth with that one... (LINK)

Makes you want to make somethin' out of wicker, doesn't it? (LINK)

...and to those who commented on the last link in yesterday's post being broken...well, it was. :) I fixed it though.

Have a good Wednesday!

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