Jan 6, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 1/6/09

I can't tango but I've always wanted to learn. This makes me feel like Quasimodo and makes me think that these people watch a LOT of 'Dancing With The Stars'. :) (LINK)

The new Kirk and Spock talk about becoming/playing the new Kirk and Spock... (LINK)

Okay! (LINK)

I'm not a big fan of baseball usually. I think some of the players are a little too full of themselves. Still, I gotta' say that I side with the player here... (LINK)

Yikes! (LINK)

Who are the folks at ACE Hardware to determine the morality of an adapter!?! I'll adapt it myself, you turds!~ ;) (LINK)

Creepy. (LINK)

Homeschooling...on the rise... (LINK)

It's Tuesday, now with more tu.

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