Jan 9, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 1/9/08

You may not know what an SSD drive is...or care, for that matter. However, as soon as the price comes down just a bit more I'm gonna' start replacing my platter based drives with these... (LINK)

I'm not sure which instance is more surprising, the first child or the second. (LINK)

Well, that sounds...filling? (LINK)

Would you classify this child as driven? Perhaps. He's just lucky he's not deaderated. (LINK)

Life with warning labels... (LINK)

This guy is an incredible a-hole. (LINK)

Mythbusting...the economic recovery plan... (LINK)

Lego creations... (LINK)

Elvis does 'Yesterday'...huh. {shrug} (LINK)

Be nice or people will think you suck. Okay, that's not really effective paraphrasing... :) (LINK)

I'd love to have a dollar bill with Spidey on it. (LINK)

Does that mean he doesn't need a cup? (LINK)

Have a good weekend!

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