Feb 12, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/12/09

I don't agree with the guy entirely, (I don't think civil war is on the way), but it's certainly worthwhile to note that the federal government DOESN'T have a lot of the power that most folks think they do. The constitution is actually pretty clear on that point. There's a quote that remains, always at the bottom of my blog which sums up my perspective pretty clearly... (LINK)

...seems familiar. (LINK)

EEEENteresting! (LINK)

Awesome! I so want to do this! (LINK)

Certainly would make a lot of sense to focus on one thing at a time rather than stuffing all sorts of random stuff in with the important things... (LINK)

Huh. (LINK)

Colliding satellites! (LINK)

Really. Cool. (LINK)

Have a good Thursday...

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