Feb 13, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/13/09

Yeah, that could have been bad. :) (LINK)

Bastages. (LINK)

WHAT? Really? Um...okay. {shaking head} (LINK)

Pure, unfiltered awesome. (LINK)

I couldn't hear the audio of this but it was plenty just to see it visually. Makes me think of what the atmosphere would be like with some massive eruption, (Yellowstone), or some other giant, destructive event. Creepy. (LINK)

Valentines Day...'Cracked' style... (LINK)

Yeah, don't mess with the kids - get it? (LINK)

Well, it doesn't make sense til' there's a shadow... (LINK)

Huh. (LINK)

Have a good weekn'd.

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