Feb 19, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/19/09

This sort of thing just makes me SO angry. Rules AREN'T arbitrarily created to suit you... (LINK)

Interesting... (LINK)

Giant rat. Huh. I had a rat named 'Mortimer' once. He wasn't nearly that size. Thank goodness. Would have been hard to keep him from eating the rabbit. :) (LINK)

This picture struck me as interesting... (LINK)

I have to say that, (although I'm not a huge baseball fan - when I do watch, I watch the Mariners), this makes me happy. (LINK)

{mouth agape} (LINK)

Shipwrecks fascinate me... (LINK)

Have a good Thursday. Very likely that I won't be posting tomorrow. I'll be in a hospital, hopeful that the man I think I respect more than any other I've ever known comes through without complications.

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