Feb 3, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/3/09

These are funny... (LINK)

Japanese volcano eruption. No, it wasn't caused by Godzilla. (LINK)

Wow. Losing patience already, eh? Dummies. (LINK)

This sums up what I try to explain to people all of the time. Know WHAT you're using or going to use the computer for and THEN decide whether you need something new...or just to clean up what you already have. (LINK)

I gotta' say, it should be a no-brainer here. Sure, if someone wants to support a child that isn't theirs as a stepfather, foster parent, or otherwise - fine. You shouldn't be forced to support a child that isn't yours for their entire life if you find out that the child isn't yours and you weren't told due to the duplicity of the child's mother. It is, in my opinion, a bunch of horses*&t. (LINK)

...and then there's bacon flavored jelly beans. (LINK)

Have a good Tuesday...

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