Feb 4, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/4/09

This is dumb. A waste of time. {Shakes head.} (LINK)

The walking octopus. I know it's an octopus...but is it's name Squidward? (LINK)

...and then the INVISIBLE octopus! (LINK)

A new/different treatment for HIV...interesting. (LINK)

I would be, um, less nice than this lady but it's nice to see a reasonable outcome... (LINK)

Well, it's nice to see someone in that position acknowledging a mistake. It's not really one that he or his administration can directly own, but it's still worth noting... (LINK)

If it's Windows 7...why are there only 6 versions? ;) (LINK)

Nice! A plug-in hybrid in mass production for sale in the U.S.... (LINK)

Wow. Too bad I don't want to live somewhere else... (LINK)

$500k is better than $20mil, that's for sure...at least in that context. (LINK)

Happy Wednesday to ya'...

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