Feb 9, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 2/9/09

Wow. That's coordination. Yikes. (LINK)

An interesting explanation of the financial mess...with cows. (LINK)

Really? Seems like the disaster has been happening for longer than the new guy has been running the show, that's for sure... (LINK)

Flow chart o' unemployment... (LINK)

This made me smile, if nothin' else... (LINK)

Now THAT'S a good brother. It's sad that he died. (LINK)

Do you watch the U.S. version of 'The Office'? If you do, see if you recognize the guy playing the bass in this YouTube clip. Jump to 1:48. Huh. :) (LINK)

Extraordinary uses for common stuff... (LINK)

That's an UGLY shark... (LINK)

Yep. It impairs judgment. It may also cause you to kiss fish. (LINK)

Have a good Monday!

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