Apr 15, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 4/15/09

If for no other reason, this is cool for the emergency welding factor. That was somethin' new to me! {You'll have to download issue #5 to see what I'm talkin' about...} (LINK)

Why do control panels like that make me want to set up the living room with a giant bunch of buttons, switches, and displays...? (LINK)

You'll never get there... (LINK)

I never imagined that I had so much in common with this guy. :) (LINK)

This is mostly complaining about the change...but it sure makes things easier for me. :) (LINK)

Vista annoyances and how to fix em'...in my case, I only install Vista when I have no other choice. (LINK)

Cool kid science. For now, we're workin' on readin', writin', and cipherin' though... :) (LINK)

Have a good Wednesday...

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