Apr 16, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 4/16/09

:) (LINK)

I hate the new digg bar. It takes the most annoying function of digg, (in my opinion), and makes it worse. Specifically, that you have to click the link, THEN click the link going where the actual information is. NOW, you have a bar you have to close AFTER going to the link. Ugh. This tiny url shows how annoying this is... :) (LINK)

... (LINK)

I don't get to watch much basketball these days...but it doesn't mean that I don't keep tabs on the hometown team. :) (LINK)

Bacon, duct tape...and it cuts through steel?! NICE! (LINK)

Apparently, child stars make good reality show fodder... {shakes head} (LINK)

Have a good Thursday...

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