Apr 17, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 4/17/09

...and more news that makes me think I'll be living in an old school bus in the not too distant future. (LINK)

Socialism. There are bits and pieces of it in our government and have been for a long time now. Federal income tax? Social security? Hello! Sometimes folks get a hold of just enough information to be stupid. {shaking head} We're not going to be a socialist nation any time soon. Relax. For folks who don't understand what socialism is here's some basic information...courtesy of wikipedia. (LINK)

You see, I didn't need any institution to tell me that. I knew it already. (LINK)

Big scary map sort of going along with the theme of the last link... (LINK)

Yikes. (LINK)

It may have a lot of options...but it's funny lookin'. (LINK)


...and tigers. (LINK)

That's the depressing list for today... :)

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