Apr 21, 2009

Content From Elsewhere - 4/21/09

Well, who doesn't want video arcade gum!?! :) (LINK)

That's the giant squid missing from the end of 'Watchmen'. (LINK)

Sad. (LINK)

...and then the water started draining in a liquid tornado going the wrong direction. (LINK)

Let me respond to this article in a very simple way. People put way too much emphasis on how they LOOK and not nearly enough emphasis on how they BEHAVE. Not pretend behavior or behavior that you feel compelled to do because of some outside force, just behaving like a reasonable human being. Talent or not. That's the problem. My opinion, of course. :) Certainly doesn't mean I'm right. I feel right though. In a sort of left hand/right hand sort of way. Not so much of a left wing/right wing sort of way or a civil right sort of way. Okay, I'm stopping now. (LINK)

Stop staring! (LINK)

Waterboarding. (LINK)

It always seems to be 'the most important discovery', doesn't it? I swear if they uncover some stash of crystal skulls I'm going to brain George Lucas. (LINK)

That's bold, for sure. Illegal and rude as can be, but bold. (LINK)

Have a good Tuesday! :)

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